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Mike Durst

Hi, I am Mike,
Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Innovation Expert.

I will show you which trends drive your business. Which technologies will disrupt complete industry sectors. What the next big thing will be. And what you need to do to be on the winning side despite a breathtaking innovation speed and digital disruptions!

Let's start today and get things done!

8 years

  • …working in Technology and Innovation Management at major corporations.
  • …working as a successful entrepreneur in Technology and Innovation Management.
  • …working in science and academia, including professorship.

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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Let’s start today…

Keynotes with a focus on your objectives.
Tailored to specific company needs, to a specific target group and always with maximum impact. Captivating, entertaining and full of surprises.



…motivate, engage, dive deep into innovation…

Is your innovation strategy unclear? Are you still lacking a roadmap for digitization? Do you have the feeling of responding too slow to digital change? Then you should talk to us!

Workshops and Moderation

Workshops & Moderation

…and get things done.

No matter whether you are working on a single session, conducting a facilitated panel or planning a complete series of workshops — I will make sure that it will be a successful event with motivated employees. Panel facilitation, creativity techniques and inspiring keynote speeches turn my workshops into an interactive experience. Together with my team, we never lose sight of the result you are looking for: ideas portfolios, roadmaps, opportunity space development or concrete future scenarios - your success is what matters!

Digital Rebel

In my opinion, old traditions and conservative thinking are the biggest enemies of innovation. I am fighting for the vision of a digitalized and open-minded future, where global trends and technologies are the basis of unique innovations.

I would like to thank you again for your keynote. It was a great fit and the participants enjoyed it big time.

Birgit Michel
Marketing Germany
HeidelbergCement AG

Susann Micke
Business Development
VR-LEASING Aktiengesellschaft

Mr. Durst presented exciting daily life examples of digital innovations in an amusing and entertaining manner.

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