Workshop & Moderation

…motivate, engage, dive deep into innovation…

No matter whether you are working on a single session, conducting a facilitated panel or planning a complete series of workshops — I will make sure that it will be a successful event with motivated employees. Panel facilitation, creativity techniques and inspiring keynote speeches turn my workshops into an interactive experience. Together with my team, we never lose sight of the result you are looking for: ideas portfolios, roadmaps, opportunity space development or concrete future scenarios — your success is what matters!

Use Cases

  • Define and detail your growth strategy
  • Analysis of trends and technologies within the market context
  • Development of business models
  • Idea generation and concepting
  • Methods and trainings in innovation management

Creativity techniques

  • Design Thinking
  • Business Model Canvas and Business Model Development
  • Creativity Techniques and Ideation
  • Scenario development and analysis
  • Agile Innovation
  • Open Innovation

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